Scotland in Europe Update: 8th November 2019

As the UK heads into another election the EU and the Scottish Government are continuing to get on with the day job. The contrast is stark but underneath the tag line there is also a serious point. The UK apparatus has proven itself to be totally unfit for the purpose of governing since 2016. The House of Commons has spent its time arguing about brexit, the government tasking civil servants to prepare for the nightmare of no deal. None of this is useful, nor is it what people in Scotland – or the rest of the UK, for that matter – asked for or want.

As the campaign for Westminster gets under way, what has the Scottish Government been doing? Well, helping end our throwaway culture. Businesses, industry and individuals are being encouraged to seize on the nation’s talent for innovation by re-thinking how we use and reuse materials through a newly proposed legislation on the circular economy. As well as introducing new measures to cut litter and waste, this legislation is part of wider plans to ensure we make better, more environmentally sound use of materials and develop Scotland’s circular economy.

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Scotland in Europe Update: 1st November 2019

An election will finally decide it. We now face a choice. A hard Brexit that Scotland didn’t vote for under the Tories, or the SNP to stand up for Scotland’s EU membership.

If you haven’t already registered to vote, it’s absolutely vital that you do so. Even if you have, make sure you’re still on the register.

Let’s be realistic about what we do and don’t know. Polling is worth nothing (well almost nothing) until the issue is actually before voters. That means nothing can be taken for granted and the only vote that matters is the one at the end of the race. As MEPs we are out and about across Scotland more than most and we know folk are tired. The broken politics of Westminster mean that once again we must all vote to protect Scotland’s place in Europe.

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Scotland in Europe Update: 25th October 2019

It has been a long week. Only last Saturday MPs were voting on the Prime Minster’s new deal, then a Withdrawal Bill, then back to the Queen’s speech. The palace on the Thames continues to spit out events that seem to bring neither clarity nor progress.

Nobody knows what will happen next. Largely because nobody is in control. The UK Government has no majority, the Labour party is divided, and Scotland is simply being dragged along as an afterthought. A couple of important developments are worth mentioning.

Firstly, it now seems we will have an extension since Parliament forced the PM into asking. That means that in all likelihood this is not your final Scotland in Europe Update from your SNP MEPs. It is not yet guaranteed and crucially we do not yet know how long for but it seems more than likely we will be here a little longer.

Secondly, there is increasing pressure for a general election. To be clear, the SNP is in favour of holding an election as soon as possible to rid us of this Tory government. We will not support it however if there is any chance Johnson can use the period to deliver a no deal Brexit.

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Scotland in Europe Update: 18th October 2019

We have a deal! A triumph! Or so the UK Government would have you believe...

The reality is rather different.

If you have a feeling we have been here before, you’re right. We have. Remember the heady days of late 2018? Theresa May portraying herself as triumphant having secured a deal, only to face the House of Commons? Well, here we are again.

First things first, let’s go over what has, and has not, been agreed. Despite the spin (and there is going to be an awful lot of that) the vast majority of this deal is identical to what Theresa May agreed and has been rejected by the House of Commons three times. The sections on the financial settlement and citizens’ rights for instance are completely untouched.

What has changed? Two sections, the political declaration and the Northern Ireland protocol. The former of these lays out what everybody hopes to negotiate in the future and, as was the case under Theresa May, it can be ignored by any future government. It does however serve as a clear indicator of the Prime Minister’s future intentions. On that front the news is not good. He is proposing a distant relationship from the EU governed by a simple trade deal.

This will be even more damaging than what Theresa May proposed. Have no illusion, Scotland is being dragged to a hard Brexit despite our clear opposition to it.

The second changed part deals with Northern Ireland. Though this is complicated in its detail, the easiest way to explain it is that it is a Northern Ireland-only backstop – exactly like Theresa May initially rejected – only dressed up in a way that Johnson can claim it is not a backstop. If you want to know more, the European Commission has a handy Q&A:

The actual texts are available here: and here:

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Scotland in Europe Update: 11th October 2019

Another week of breathless political drama but underneath it all our options remain unchanged: deal, no deal, no Brexit or an extension. So where do things stand? and what looks likely to happen next? Well, clairvoyance is not a skill MEPs have so we will not try to guess. Instead we’ll paint a picture of the lay of the land as we enter the final few weeks before the 31st October.

A deal is still possible. The news from Ireland yesterday combines with the announcement today that the EU and the UK have agreed to intensify discussions over the coming days. Whether or not any such deal would get passed by the House of Commons is another issue. This piece from Politico is a good summary of how a deal could be done.

Even if a deal is done we will still need an extension. To be clear, an extension would almost certainly be offered by the EU if the UK asks. This week European Parliament President David Sassoli confirmed that “the European Parliament would support a request from the UK Government to extend the withdrawal period in order to have time for a general election or a referendum.”

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Scotland in Europe Update: 4th October 2019

Your SNP MEPs have had a busy week representing Scotland in Europe. In Brussels, Christian spoke passionately at the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament about citizens’ rights, calling for primary legislation to protect the millions across the UK and the rest of the EU whose rights are in danger of being withdrawn. 

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Scotland in Europe Update: 27th September 2019

We have said many times over, in this bulletin and elsewhere, that Scotland deserves better than what it gets from Westminster. That has never been more true than this week.

This whole farce - begun when David Cameron called the referendum on EU membership - has been an ongoing exercise in stretching the boundaries of credibility. This week we witnessed the extraordinary spectacle of the UK’s Supreme Court stating, unanimously and emphatically, that Boris Johnson’s government had acted unlawfully in proroguing Parliament, upholding the verdict of the Scottish Court of Session.

Alyn welcomed the verdict on the day: “This is good news, and I pay tribute to my SNP colleague Joanna Cherry QC MP who led the case. The UK Parliament must resume without delay to hold the Tory government to account on its Brexit plans, which threaten to plunge the UK into recession, destroy 100,000 Scottish jobs, and inflict lasting harm on living standards, public services and the economy across Scotland, the UK and the EU.”

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Scotland in Europe Update: 20th September 2019

This week, in your fully-operational and not-remotely-prorogued parliament in Strasbourg, the SNP MEPs were hard at work and joined by Scotland's Cabinet Secretary for Government Business and Constitutional Relations, Michael Russell.

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Scotland in Europe Update: 13th September 2019

The UK’s Parliament is not sitting. In the midst of arguably the greatest crisis that the UK has faced since the 1930s, the UK Parliament has been closed down because the democratically-elected representatives of the people have views that Boris Johnson finds inconvenient.

Fortunately, the law in Scotland says something else. The Court of Session found in favour of a cross-party group of politicians led by Joanna Cherry MP and Jo Maugham QC. Obviously, this is not the end and the UK Government’s appeal against the ruling will be heard by the Supreme Court in London next week. If you want to read the full judgement you can do here:

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Scotland in Europe Update: 6th September 2019

What a week! The Government keeps losing votes, MPs, longstanding members and support. Even the Prime Minister's brother has deserted him.

It is clear that this Government is focused on getting Brexit over the line at any cost, because Boris Johnson has invested so much of his personal political capital in doing so. It doesn’t matter that two of the four constituent parts of this United Kingdom voted to Remain in the EU, doesn’t matter that the vote three years ago was narrow and plagued with concerns over legalities and around the information available, doesn’t matter that the current Prime Minister himself was hauled up by the UK statistics authority for a “clear misuse of official statistics”. There is a core gang in Downing Street willing to put the no deal gun to the collective head of the UK and tell the EU “we’ll do it”.

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