Scotland in Europe Update January 27th: it isn't a Bill, it is a Blank Cheque to the Tories.

This week, by a majority of 8:3, the Supreme Court found that the UK Government cannot trigger Article 50 without an Act of the UK Parliament. However, it was not all good news since although the UK Government lost the case the Court also concluded that they do not need to consult the devolved legislators such as the Scottish Parliament.

This is the cold reality of the UK constitution where power devolved is power retained. It also graphically illustrates that the so called "partnership of equals” described in 2014 is just political fluff. The full judgment of the court is available from here:

In response to this the UK Government has put forward a Bill to allow them to initiate article 50. 

It is pitifully short and vague. In my opinion it isn't a Bill, it is a blank cheque to the Tories. 

Reaching out to our European friends and explaining our proposition to keep Scotland in the Single Market is crucial. As part of this I delivered a lecture to the College of Europe in Warsaw. I lived in Poland in the nineties, when it was not a member of the European Union, and I know what Europe means to Poland. These were fascinating times and, in the same spirit, I want Scotland to remain in our family of European nations because we are better off.

The Scottish Parliament Culture, Tourism, Europe & External Relations Committee visited Brussels on a fact finding mission. 

Whilst there they took evidence from me and fellow MEP Charles Goerens who proposed a scheme to allow UK citizens to keep some form of European Citizenship. 

Steve Peers concluded that Theresa May’s speech on her ‘plan’ for EU withdrawal puts "politics ahead of the country’s economic interests."

A “hard Brexit risks slowing down one of the UK’s most consistently growing sectors over the last decades.” This is the conclusion of Bruegel who have put together an assessment of the impact of Brexit on the Creative sector. 

German Business leaders laughed at Owen Paterson and John Longworth when they described Britain as "a beacon of open, free trade around the world”. 

Chile confirmed that they would give the EU priority over the UK for any future trade deals.

The UK’s new computer system for the Department of Revenue & Customs will not be capable of handling the strain of the UK leaving the EU Customs Unions.

Brexit could cost UK firms billions if there is no replacement for the EU circular economy package is the conclusion of the Aldersgate Group. 

"The best relationship with the EU must remain membership and after that it must be EEA membership," said Michel Barnier, the European Union's Brexit negotiator. 

The UK car industry warns of a fall in investment due to Brexit. 

The Single Market and Freedom of Movement will be priorities for Gibraltar during the negations according to a report by Open Britain and British Influence. 

The European Parliament has published a detailed report on the implications of Brexit for employment and social affairs. 

The UK has confirmed that it plans to leave the European atomic energy community.