Scotland in Europe Update: 9th November 2018

So this week has seen some good news. A Channel 4 backed poll of around 20,000 people has revealed that UK-wide, support for EU membership has increased to 54%, with only 46% supporting the decision to leave.

Here in Scotland there is now even greater support for staying in than in 2016. For instance, in Stirling only 29% of people now support Leave, down from 32% in 2016. Here constituents find that – despite voting strongly to remain in the European Union – they are represented by an MP who has used his time in the Commons since being elected last year, to campaign alongside the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg for a damaging hard Brexit.

You can read more of my thoughts here.

I am also proud to have organised a letter from a cross party group of MEPs asking our colleagues to consider the extension of Article 50. As we said:

“In our view, there are significant elements within and around the UK Conservative Party that fully intend to force either a “No-Deal Brexit” or a “No-Detail-Blind-Brexit”, with the express intention of undermining it afterwards. Either scenario will have disastrous consequences for all our citizens and for harmony on our continent and the talks on the future relationship. Brexit will not stop on 29th March.

“Extending the timetable is not, we are well aware, presently the official policy of the UK Government. Nevertheless, a change of Prime Minister, collapse of government, or the negotiations, or all three, is quite possible. Even if a vague Withdrawal Agreement is concluded and approved by the UK and European parliaments, there is no guarantee it would be honoured - the opposite is, sadly, a considerable risk. All of the ways to avoid a No-Deal Brexit will require an extension to the Article 50 negotiating period.”

You can read more here:



Despite the UK Government’s last-minute appeal to prevent it, our case on the revocability of Article 50 is going to the European Court of Justice.

You can read our written arguments and donate towards the costs of the case here:

Ian Dunt has written a great piece on the morality of Brexit.

In another piece he also highlights how the UK Government has already start to back pedal on its promises to EU citizens.

This analysis published by the Centre for European Reform covers precisely what I have been warning about for months. A blind Brexit is worse than no deal.

Labour has warned they will vote against a blind Brexit.

Nicola Sturgeon has urged the EU to maintain an office in Scotland post Brexit.

Aaron Banks faces further allegations that he mislead MPs.

The Scottish Parliament voted in favour of a peoples vote.

The Scottish Government has published its latest analysis of the implications for Scotland’s science and research sector, if the UK exits the European Union.

The European Parliament has published a study on Brexit and Migration.

The House of Lords “are not convinced that the Government’s preparations are progressing quickly enough” to ensure chemical regulations function properly after Brexit.

Philip Hammond has confirmed that even in the event of no deal the UK would still need to pay the EU the money that it owes.

Jan Fleischhauer – a columnist for Der Spiegel – has written this insightful column about the declining perception of the UK in the eyes of the world.

Fintan O'Toole in the Irish Times has written about why Caligula should be Theresa May's role model.

A group of more than 70 business leaders have added their voices to those calling for a second referendum.

The European Commission released the latest round of growth figures for the EU… the UK came last.

And finally, Glasgow Loves EU (GLE) will – on Saturday November 10th – be holding an information stall offering information on Brexit related matters. More details can be found here: