Scotland in Europe Update: 8th February 2019

Sometimes when the world seems bleak and senseless, governed by a class whose arrogance is matched only by their incompetence, and operating against all common sense and decency, it does you good to laugh.

So a weary ‘thank you’ to those sections of the British press and the more sensitive Brexiteers who, having spent decades comparing the EU to Hitler’s Germany, spreading lies and disinformation, and recently maintaining the bold negotiating stance of “I’m British! I want!”, are currently throwing hysterics over Donald Tusk being rude about them.

For what it’s worth, he wasn’t even particularly rude. There should be a special place in hell for those who lied, who dragged the UK into Brexit with nary a care for the effect it would have on ordinary people without offshore accounts and powerful friends. Why are there apparently no consequences for these self-interested meddlers who we know broke the law in selling Brexit, and who now – as the exit looms – are busily selling the lie that it’s the EU’s fault there’s no viable plan? Should the medicine run out and the shop shelves be bare of food, I’m sure they’ll still be bleating about the time the nasty EU man didn’t treat them like the precious snowflakes they are. Diddums.

Incidentally, Donald Tusk's full press statement is worth a read, not just the punchline. As I and other MEPs have been saying for months, doors in Brussels are closing.

Have a good weekend, folks, and keep the heid.



Make no mistake, Donald Tusk – backed by the EU – was sending a strong message to Brexit Island ahead of Theresa May’s renegotiation visit.

Corbyn is meeting with Mrs May not to find ways to stop Brexit but to find a way to make it happen so that as little of the mess when it hits attaches to him. I’ve written about this in my latest National column, available to read here:

Brexiteer Tory MP in lying lies shocker. The UK got more funding from the Marshall Plan than any other country.

Heartbreaking news as Nissan abandons plans to build a new factory in Sunderland. Brexit is proving a deterrent for investment in the UK car industry, sadly.

This is despite the UK Government quietly offering state aid to Nissan, contrary to public assertions from Downing Street that “there was no special deal for Nissan”.

On that note, here’s an interesting piece about four friends taking on Brexiteers’ lies, one billboard at a time.

Very proud to see my former policy advisor Schams El Ghoneimi in the Guardian, using his personal experiences to formulate a plan to fight the far-right.

A politely scathing piece here from Chris York on no-deal – what we were told was ‘Project Fear’ versus what’s happening.

So it begins. US firms seek changes to UK standards on beef and drugs.

Norway’s government is advising students not to study in the UK due to Brexit.

Companies are delaying projects and holding off on placing orders, meaning sterling has dropped again.

“The Government’s presumption it can negotiate a special deal to prevent UK-based banks being frozen out from lucrative business within the EU after Brexit is highly likely to be proven wrong in time”.

The UK Government has found £800,000 to set aside for legal advice in a “highly likely” lawsuit from Eurotunnel.

The Institute of Economic Affairs, a right-wing libertarian think tank lobbying for a hard Brexit, has been issued with a formal legal warning over breaches of charity law.

‘Brexit rejected, amended, deferred: what options remain in London (and Brussels)?’ asks Le Monde.

Behold, a roadmap with indicative probabilities regarding Brexit. ’12 Paths to no-deal’

UK citizens abroad are finding themselves is a vicious cycle of bureaucracy, as most alternative residency options are out of bounds for Brits with EU citizenship until the UK leaves the EU.

The Irish Times has put together a not entirely tongue-in-cheek ‘Idiot’s Guide to Brexit’

Three graphs from Le Monde here, all showing how dependent the UK is on European imports for food supplies.

Brexit threatens to make Irish citizens in Northern Ireland ‘second-class citizens’.

Finally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it’s not too late to avoid a no-deal Brexit. But is the UK Government listening?