Scotland in Europe Update 3rd March 2017

This week we saw a vision of the future of the EU laid out in a thoughtful, intelligent and sensitive speech from President of the Commission Jean Claude Juncker.

His speech unveiled a White Paper on the future of the EU27. Personally speaking I am desperately sad that Scotland faces not being part of this important conversation. Brexit, if it happens, is not going to uninvent the EU and it is a tragedy that Scotland faces being removed against our will. If you are interested in the full text and explanations of the various options being discussed you can read more here:

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WTO rules would open a ‘Pandora's Box’ according to the CBI.

and the British Chambers of Commerce has urged the UK to “Put practicality [and] certainty at the heart of Brexit negotiations”.

A piece from the Mid Norway Office on Scotland in Europe shows the ongoing interest from across the continent.

So far the UK government has rejected over a quarter of EU citizens’ applications for residency.

La Libre has covered the rising concern over the impact of leaving the EU on Northern Ireland.

Diarmaid Ferriter wrote a damning piece on Boris Johnson in the Irish Times.

Nissan could face a $620 million bill caused by leaving the EU, according to their Vice-President Colin Lawther

Whilst giving evidence to the House of Commons’ International Trade Committee, Lawther also indicated that Nissan had made “a strong request” for the UK to remain part of the EU customs union. You can see his appearance here.

The Centre for European Policy Studies has undertaken analysis which concludes that the UK will suffer the most from Brexit, followed by Ireland.

Their full report – which also analyses the various types of free trade agreement that the UK could pursue with EU – is available here:

Ian Dunt wrote an interesting piece on patent law and the problems that Theresa May will face as she negotiates leaving the EU.

 “Let’s not join in the fantasy of returning to an imperial past” was the message from Mike Russell, the Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland's Place in Europe, in this week’s National.

The Eurosceptic Tories clearly have their priorities in order as they have set about trying to secure the return of their Thatcher-era HQ from the EU.

Politico has put together this overview of some of the issues surrounding the UK leaving the EU without a trade deal.

The EU 27 have scheduled a meeting on 6-7 April to discuss the UK’s anticipated article 50 notification.

In contrast to the secrecy in the UK, Brussels will be ensuring transparency in the Brexit deal, with the European Ombudsman having written to the Commission regarding the negotiations.


Handelsblatt has reported that BMW is considering making electric Minis outside the UK.

Finally, to end on a positive note the EU has given a multi million cash boost to Scotland–Norway electricity connectivity.