Scotland in Europe Update: 10th May 2019

On 7 May 2019 the UK Government finally confirmed that elections for the European Parliament will be held in Scotland on 23 May 2019. No ifs or buts, we are having a European Election.

This means that a further six MEPs will be elected to represent Scotland. MEPs are elected by a form of proportional representation. Voters get to choose which party they want to support, and the number of MEPs each party gets is then calculated using a formula called d'Hondt.

Remember, you vote once, for the party on the list. We've a handy explainer of this at:

I have been busy out an about across Scotland campaigning, but with half an eye on Theresa May and Jeremey Corbyn. The elections will now happen – which is a victory – but there is still time for them to do a deal and stop Scotland’s new MEPs from ever taking up their seats. In fact, that remains Theresa May’s stated aim.

The fight to stop Brexit is taking place right now all across Scotland. I’ll see you out on the campaign trail.



Mike Russell has written a fantastic piece analysing Labour’s manoeuvres with Theresa May. Will they agree to a customs union?

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research have produced this detailed report explaining the damage that a Brexit based upon a customs union will cause.

In their manifesto Labour confirm they will only support a second referendum if their deal can’t be achieved.

The SNP launched their European Campaign this week on Europe Day. We confirmed that any deal agreed must go back to the people. You can read about me and my fellow candidates Christian Allard, Aileen McLeod, Margaret Ferrier, Heather Anderson and Alex Kerr here:

Despite the ongoing talks – and nothing having changed – Theresa May has said she will bring her deal back to the Commons yet again.

A Danish study confirms that small states such as Ireland and Finland punch above their weight as members of the EU.

The SCER have produced an important report on the future of Europe.

There is no obligation on the UK to join the Euro by 2020. Nor has there ever been, despite what you might read on social media.

Emma DeSouza has written a piece explaining one cruel side-effect of Brexit: that the people of Northern Ireland are being forced to be ‘British’ – as if the Good Friday agreement means nothing.

Four countries are in the running to host the European Labour Authority… a shame that an independent Scotland can't join them.

Theresa May has left a terrible legacy in immigration law from her time as Home Secretary. The FT shows how far this goes, and wonders how long it will last.

There is some long overdue good news from Facebook. They have set up an election operations centre to monitor platform abuse.

Finally, the UK and a changing Europe have put together a good explainer on the European Elections. The elections which we are now definitely participating in.