The SNP European Group are your three SNP Members of the European Parliament: Alyn Smith MEP, Christian Allard MEP, and Aileen McLeod MEP. 

Elected in 2019 they make up half of all Scotland's MEPs and are part of the 2/3 majority of Scottish representatives in Europe committed to stopping Brexit and honouring Scotland's resounding vote to remain a part of the European Union. 

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    Scotland in Europe Update: 31st January 2020

    Tonight, at eleven pm UK time/midnight Brussels time, the UK will leave the European Union. The time was set by the EU and accepted by the UK, a foreshadowing of what is to come. The UK will be a small isolated country trying to rebuild its entire trading network in one go under the shadow of Donald Trump. Despite our best efforts to save the UK from itself, we have failed. The people of Scotland voted to Remain in the EU, and we have done everything we can to stop Brexit. Scotland elected a majority of pro-Remain MEPs last year, sent a majority of SNP politicians to Westminster last month, and has consistently voted against Brexit. Our Scottish Parliament has refused to consent to the Brexit deal. Since the UK government has totally ignored Scotland's Parliament and Government throughout this entire process, we will be leaving on Friday anyway. Independence is now the only way for Scotland to be a normal European country. We really tried, but there are no more options left to explore.
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